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Our core values

We teach improv

in a way that

makes sense.

Our courses offer you depth and focus on specific topics, so you can maximize understanding, muscle memory, and experience.


Our goal is not to make you the next comedy superstar. Maybe it'll happen! But first, let's get you in a place where you feel aligned, confident, and more truly yourself.


We aim to put improv into a context that is applicable on or off stage. We want things to "click" for you, so we offer consistent, tangible, and personalized feedback throughout each course.

Improv at lit is for anyone.

Maybe you think you don't have what it takes to do improv. But we think you do!


We host improv-infused workshops specifically for your everyday life.


Part-discussion, part-social and part-improv, you will come out of your shell, gain a new perspective, and see what this whole "improv thing" is all about in a low-pressure, high-vibe environment.

You don't have to do improv to be part of

the lit fam.

We are all about bringing people together. So if you'd prefer to stay off-stage, that's cool too.

We offer lots of social events and interactive shows that require zero improv experience.

These are perfect for you if you're looking for a welcoming and vibrant community, but aren't ready to jump into a scene (yet!).

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